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September 2, 2022

You have control over who can see your academic schedule, transcript, etc.

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Who can access your academic records?

The Educational Family Rights and Privacy Act provides that you, as a student, control who can see your school calendar, transcript, financial aid, and billing information. This means that if your parent, spouse or guardian calls us, we are not allowed to discuss your case without your permission.

At Montclair State, we believe that the student is, and should remain, responsible for their own records, but we recognize that often students wish to provide access to their parents, spouse, guardian, or other person for additional help in managing of their account.

This proxy access, if desired, can be set up in your NEST account by following these simple guidelines.

Please review this information to determine if this is something you wish to configure. You control who has access, what they can see and for how long.


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