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Congressional Black Caucus wants POTUS to cancel student debt

Led by Representative Joyce Beatty, the Congressional Black Caucus imade a clear call to action for President Biden: Cancel all student loan debt.

“The $1.7 trillion student debt crisis is a racial and economic justice issue that disproportionately impacts Black communities across the country,” said CBC President Joyce Beatty. “We call on the Biden administration to implement widespread student loan debt cancellation through executive action. We are committed to working with the administration to explore all options, and we ask to meet with the president.

Members of Congress have been asking the president for some time to act. Beatty challenged the president to remain committed to a fair recovery for all. She also pointed to the potential narrowing of the racial wealth gap.

Advocates of debt forgiveness have previously argued that student loan debt forgiveness is a matter of racial justice because of the disproportionate burden borne by black creditors. Although the president has extended the current moratorium until the end of August, supporters of student debt cancellation are not letting up.

Eric Adams reportedly eyeing a presidential race According to the report

Barely halfway through his freshman year, New York mayor Eric Adams Rumor has it she’s aiming for 2024. Based on an anonymous source allegedly in the know, the New York Post reported that the mayor is considering running for president if President Biden decides not to run. Although it may seem early, the 2024 presidential cycle will be underway early next year.

Should Adams pursue a presidential bid, he would follow in the footsteps of his immediate predecessors. Former mayors Bill De Blasio and Michael Bloomberg made embarrassing national projections during the 2020 Democratic primary. According to Adams, being mayor of New York may not be the national launching pad.

Adams is an old-school, crime-hardened former police officer who enjoys the support of Reverend Al Sharpton’s civil rights organization, the National Action Network. Adams’ rhetoric and politics of respectability might appeal to some voters, especially older southern voters. He’s built a national network of donors and spoken at various events, but that doesn’t translate into a national profile favorable enough to make the cut.

It’s also unclear how fair his candidacy would be against Vice President Kamala Harris, who is very likely to throw her hat in the ring for the Oval Office.

Reports suggest Elon Musk is withdrawing his Twitter deal

It looks like Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter is on hold, at least until the social media giant can prove that a significant percentage of its users aren’t bots and fake accounts. Reuters shared the news last week, noting that Musk reportedly took a break after Twitter’s CEO failed to verify that less than 5% of users were spam or fake accounts.

Last week, two third-party groups estimated that nearly 20% of Twitter accounts were fake or spam. The issue of fake accounts is also a major source of contention for those demanding improved content moderation.

Buffalo shooting highlights white supremacist violence on social media

Last week’s Buffalo Massacre again made it clear that there was a need for content moderation and some regulation for live streaming. Over the past week, a clear picture of how the Buffalo mass shooter used Discord and Twitch to prepare for his attack and broadcast it live. The video has appeared on other platforms, and although it has been taken down, some argue it shouldn’t have been allowed to play in the first place.

Addressing hate on different platforms is one of the main demands of the Change the Terms coalition. Made up of 60 groups, the Change the Terms coalition has released a three-point application called “Fix the Feed”.

First, major social platforms need to fix the algorithm by ending the promotion of inflammatory and hateful content. Second, all users should be equally protected across all languages ​​and countries. Anti-democratic efforts have not only taken root in the United States, but in several countries around the world. And finally, the Change the Terms coalition wants social media companies to show receipts. Transparency of business models and moderation practices is essential.

In December, the Disinfo Defense League wrote a letter to Congress asking for action to address racialized misinformation on social media platforms. The problem is not just the single instance of a blatant message or livestream, but the broader ecosystem allows calls for violence and extremist rhetoric to persist, often unchecked.

Groups want AT&T to stop funding anti-democracy candidates

Environmental and racial justice groups stuck it to AT&T in several cities ahead of its annual shareholder meeting. Last Thursday, groups demonstrated against AT&T in Atlanta, demanding that the company stop donating to candidates who have undermined democracy. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder and uprisings, AT&T was one of many companies to issue statements expressing its commitment to racial justice.

Defenders see support for candidates and elected officials who continually strive to erode constitutional rights and protections. According to the “Dollars vs. Democracy” study published by Greenpeace USA, AT&T is the top contributor to state lawmakers who have pushed for anti-protest bills.

“AT&T has promised to stop supporting politicians who support voter suppression and the overthrow of our democracy,” said Eric Robertson, lead organizer for the New Georgia Project. “Were asking, ‘What happened?’ Democracy is too important for broken promises, and we’re calling on AT&T to do better.

AT&T has previously come under fire for what Reuters called a financially beneficial relationship for One America Network. OAN is widely seen as projecting conspiracy theories and misinformation.


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