The Student Services Annual Report gets a makeover

Seton Hall University’s Annual Report, the document detailing what every aspect of student services has done over the past year, gets a facelift. Traditionally, the report has been a heavy read, sometimes over 100 pages. This year it has been reduced to 53 accessible pages and redesigned for the entire Seton Hall community.

Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson tasked the Student Services subcommittee with evaluating the new design. Co-chaired by Kelly Freeman, MAE, Director of Campus Life at IHS, and Nicole Battaglia, MAE, Director of Freshman Initiatives, the assessment committee has spent the past several months collecting and compiling data from all corners of student services. . The group then edited and sorted this data so that it best reflected the message of the program or organization in question. Finally, the team created initial design ideas and worked closely with PR for the final product.

The annual report has been formatted into five parts to match the June 1 restructuring of the Student Services Division: Academic Success, Campus Inclusion and Community, Engagement and Central Administration, Public Safety, and Wellness and Support. Each section has been color coded, each of Seton Hall’s signature colors following a specific heading from the cover, to the table of contents, to that area of ​​the report. Specific information provided by each branch of the division includes highlights from the past year, learning objectives, flagship activities and departmental goals for the coming year. Plus, attractive photos of students, faculty, and campuses adorn every page.

View the 2019-2020 Student Services Annual Report on the Student Services Evaluation webpage, dedicated to building a culture of evaluation within the division. We also encourage students, administrators and faculty to check out @setonhall from October 5-9 for the Instagram scavenger hunt, stop by a table outside the University Center on October 7 and stop by the launch party on October 8.