The Digital Learning Collaborative publishes an online student finance review

Digital Learning Collaborative

The Digital Learning Collaborative published today “The Land of Confusion: A Review of Online Student Finance.

This study reviews the available evidence regarding funding levels and mechanisms for online students. It introduces funding levels and mechanisms in a subset of states, then explores several different concepts related to online student funding.

Each state has a very complex formula with an impressive amount of different variables. This study aims to demonstrate the large-scale differences while presenting numbers that best represent general trends and directions of state funding amounts.

Key points to remember

  • Online schools have different expenses and in addition to the expenses of physical schools
  • Counting students for funding purposes is difficult in many states
  • Understanding online student funding levels is more important than ever
  • Falling funding for online students limits learning options
  • Student accounting processes need to be redesigned
  • Funding for online schools should be much more transparent

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