Texas A&M to Host Grand Opening of Student Services Building on January 22

Texas A&M University will officially open its new $42 million Student Services Building on Jan. 22 during on-campus ceremonies. The facility will encourage interaction and collaboration among its many resident departments.

The 95,000 square foot building will house the Division of Student Affairs, Residence Life, the offices of the Dean of Student Life, and three departments with new names: Counseling & Psychological Services (formerly Student Counseling Services); Disability Resources (formerly Disability Services) and LGBTQ+ Pride Center (formerly GLBTQ Resource Center).

“With its innovative design, the new Student Services Building will enable our departments to serve Texas A&M students more effectively and efficiently,” said Daniel J. Pugh Sr., Vice President of Student Affairs at Texas A&M. “It is extremely important to student leaders and the Division of Student Affairs that we maintain centralized services under one roof in the heart of campus, and we are achieving this goal.”

Pugh and Texas A&M President Michael K. Young will be among several speakers at an opening event. A short shouting practice by Texas A&M Yell Leaders and ribbon-cutting ceremony begins at 1:45 p.m.

The building will feature an exhibition of custom-designed art installations by renowned artist Resa Blatman and sculptor Roger Stoller.

Blatman’s one-off exhibition, which ran for nearly a year, is titled “Universal Sea” and is an “abstract idea of ​​the ocean.”

“I wanted people to have a sense of beauty and wonder when they walk into the building,” Blatman said.

“We are delighted with this new building,” said Anne Reber, Dean of Student Life. “It shows our passion for students and is a wonderful hub for many of the Student Affairs Division’s student programs.”