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Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange) is dedicated to helping the county’s 350,000 residents thrive through credited and uncredited programs and cultural events. As a pioneer and innovator, he responds to the needs of the community with guidance, counseling, and career guidance that provides exploration and leadership opportunities that enhance the academic experience.

The increase in the number of students necessitated a more efficient verification process

When Ray Torres, Director of Financial Aid, joined SUNY Orange, he experienced what many schools experience: retiring staff and vacancies that leave more work for fewer people. The team was becoming overworked with the verification process and trying to follow the regulations of the documentation that needed to be collected. Being in a rush can lead to errors that end up taking longer to resolve and it was getting harder and harder to provide the service students needed.

“We are a Hispanic-serving institution, and many of these students are low-income and high-need. We weren’t able to give them the individual attention they needed and that had to change,” Torres said.

Reduced workload increases disbursements

Torres has a history of working in financial aid, particularly with an in-depth knowledge of verification, and SUNY Orange is his first director: “I had experience with Verification Gateway and knew it would improve our situation. “

Inceptia’s Verification Gateway (VG) is an automated online platform that streamlines federal verification processing for students and schools. Offering interview-style questions, easy and secure document collection, comprehensive reporting and personal interaction when needed.

The reduced workload from Inceptia’s verification management relieved the team. Verification email traffic dropped by at least 50%, phone calls were only occasional, and turnaround times were dramatically reduced.

“What we could accomplish in a week was now accomplished in a day, which meant we could ship packages sooner, student funds were available sooner, and enrollment could stay on track. As things happened quickly, the students weren’t worried and could focus on school and we were relieved that we didn’t miss anything,” Torres said.

Better student service

The VG user interface is designed for students and parents by breaking down the process into an easy-to-manage to-do list. If additional communication is needed, the VG team is here to help.

“The portal makes sense for students. One of the things I love the most is Inceptia’s personal nature with our students. Their communication is clean, concise and delivered with the care we take ourselves,” Torres explained.

Transparency provides peace of mind and the opportunity to train

VG has a transparent interface and detailed reports. Schools can explore each student and see the entire process, including notes from the Inceptia team.

“I was able to see for myself what was being done and why. The Inceptia team is fully trained, up-to-date on regulations, and responding to changes before anyone realizes they need to be done,” said Torres. “Not only does it give me peace of mind that my students are in good hands and getting the personalized service they need, but the transparency provides the opportunity to train my team on the impact of verification. “

Increase team satisfaction

With less time on the phone and dealing with paperwork, the SUNY Orange Financial Aid team has more time to focus on students.

“You must have a passion for helping students and parents understand how school finances work. It’s not about pushing paper, it’s about understanding the needs of each student. Knowing that verification is done quickly, accurately and under control, let’s focus on everything else,” Torres said.

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