Student charged with malicious shooting incident can’t return to school

By Linda Cicoira

A 17-year-old student from Northampton High School was denied a bail amendment in Accomack Circuit Court on Thursday that would allow him to return to school while awaiting trial for malicious shooting, malicious shooting of a occupied vehicle and use of a firearm in the shooting.

Jalil Naheem Galloway, of Cape Charles, was charged with the charges in April. He will be judged as an adult. The court filing lists a November 3 trial date. The incident happened on January 15. Galloway has been under house arrest and has been taking classes for the past term through a virtual learning program.

“I forgive him mentally,” testified the victim, also 17 years old. But “the trauma is still there”. She said she was affected socially, mentally and physically. She tried to transfer to Nandua High School in Accomack. This division would not allow him to cross the county line to attend school. So she’s stuck.

Bullying is a big problem for her.

“Every day I get a call, something is happening,” her mother told the court. “Most of his peers are his friends. Him being there – it’s going to be even worse.

“Your honor, we shouldn’t put on blinders and think Mr Galloway is just going to let this pass,” said Commonwealth solicitor Spencer Morgan. “At least not before this case goes to trial… This request is just a little too much.”

Defense barrister Tom Northam said: ‘All he wants is to continue his studies in person and not in front of a computer.

“You are identified as the shooter,” Judge W. Revell Lewis III told the defendant. “I’m not going to allow you to go back to high school under these circumstances. She is a victim of bullying and harassment. You probably could have done something about it, but you didn’t,” the judge added.