Spring 22 Traffic and Parking Tips – Student Services

January 12, 2022

Do you have a parking permit? Have you checked the parking card? Get the details!

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We are delighted to welcome everyone back for the Spring Semester 2022. To successfully cope with the usual traffic volume we all face, Parking services offers the following traffic advice and parking indicators:

Did you get your license?

To park a vehicle on campus, a permit must be associated with a vehicle. You can get your license online or at the office and register your vehicle! Make sure your vehicle is licensed so we know it belongs to you and remember… only one vehicle is allowed on campus with a permit. See more details on obtaining your permit.

Hourly phone payment options are also available in all general / suburban lots including Carparc Diem Deck. Please note that telephone payment options are not available in Faculty / Staff bundles.

It’s crowded over there!

Remember that many people return to the roads after the break. Our local roads will experience the usual back-to-school traffic jams in addition to delays in the construction of Route 46 underway. Allow more time to get to campus and successfully navigate campus roads while everyone picks up the pace.

We have the apps to help you

In the words of News12: “Know before you go! ” The Parkingcloud mobile app helps you know where the parking spaces are and Nextbus tells you when the next shuttle will arrive at your shuttle stop.

Get to know the map

Familiarize yourself with the University parking map. Understanding what the campus looks like and where you can park can significantly reduce your time on the road.

Get the Tweet

follow us on Twitter @MSUParking. We provide regular updates to provide you with the most accurate reports on space availability on campus.

Public transportation

Consider leaving your car at home and try to use public transportation. Montclair State is located between two train stations and is served by several bus lines; this makes public transit an easy and environmentally friendly choice. Do you take the bus, train or light rail to get to campus? All Montclair State University students are eligible to receive an NJ Transit Monthly Pass at 25% off the regular monthly pass when they register online through the NJ Transit Quik- program. Tik! Get on the TRACK with Quick-Tik!

More information

For more details visit Parking services and Shuttle services websites.