Records Retention Policy | First Generation Student Services

The purpose of this Records Retention Policy is to describe the records retained by the federally-funded programs, state-funded programs, and privately-funded programs that make up the Student Services First-Generation Student Center ( FGSC). By listing what information to keep and how long to keep documents, our service ensures the accuracy and security of important documents. Employees must abide by this policy and follow the guidelines detailed below. Federally and state-funded FGSC programs follow guidelines provided by the United States Department of Education (US DOE) and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). ). University-specific policies are available in the University of Nevada’s Reno Administrative Handbook.


This Records Retention Policy applies to all programs under the FGSC. The programs for high school students are 3 Upward Bound Classic Scholarships (Northwest, Truckee, and Washoe) and 1 Upward Bound Math Science Scholarship (Silver). Programs for post-secondary/university students are 1 TRiO Student Support Services Classic grant (TRiO Scholars), 1 TRiO Student Support Services STEM (TRiO STEM), 1 Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement grant (McNair Scholars), 1 Fostering the Program Pack, a privately-funded grant serving first-generation students who are also former foster children, 1 CCAMPIS program, a federally-funded grant for students who have children in child care, and 1 First in the Pack Program (FITP), providing state-funded services for first-generation students and serving as a pipeline program for federally-funded programs. This policy covers all student materials created by our program or submitted by our administrative team. This may include new student records, onboarding documents, and assessment and reporting information.


Student records:

  • Electronic documents: All students have an electronic record in our program databases. In each folder, documents received are kept by document type – which includes, but is not limited to – high school transcripts, tax documentation, social security numbers, parental contract, progress reports , etc. The security of each type of document is maintained by the Executive Director of the FGSC in accordance with the security policies of the ILO (Office of Information Technology). All databases are hosted at the ILO.
  • Current/Historical Documents: Copies of student handouts are stored in physical student files in accordance with guidelines provided by the US DOE. All student records are stored in locked cabinets as required by the grant. Senior program administration (eg, Executive Director, Associate Directors, Deputy Directors, and Administrative Assistants) has the ability to access these records.
  • National Student Information Clearinghouse (NCS): The McNair Grant and all four Upward Bound Classic and Math Science programs use the NSC in accordance with grant regulations required to track former program participants. The University partners with the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment reporting, enrollment verification, and degree verification. Records are maintained by the NSC and are available to the Executive Director, Associate Directors, Deputy Directors, Associate Directors, and Administrative Assistants of each grant.