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July 27, 2022

Online parking registration opens Monday, August 1, 2022. All vehicles parking on the Montclair State University campus must be registered with a valid Montclair State University permit or pay for parking daily.

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Important information and registration details

  1. Permits can be obtained from the parking services website from Monday 1 August.
  2. Review your permit options online before registering.
  3. Read and understand the parking regulations that relate to your permit.
  4. Consult the parking map to understand the campus layout before the start of the semester.
  5. Check the Shuttle Services website and the Parking website for other on- and off-campus transportation options.
  6. Download the Parker app and the umo app for campus navigation.
  7. Persons with Disabilities (PWD) no longer need to be verified by parking services to obtain a permit. A Montclair State parking permit must be purchased and a valid state-issued license plate or hang tag must be displayed to park in PWD spaces.
  8. Residents who purchase NJ Transit Permits will be permitted to park on campus grounds until August 31, 2022. NJ Transit Permit regulations go into effect September 1, 2022.

Please Note: It is your responsibility to read and follow the Parking Regulations and ensure that all vehicle information is up to date.

Types of permits and prices

Permits can be obtained from the parking services website from Monday 1 August. Please expect delays via the web as we expect higher than normal traffic. All permits will be active from Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Commuter students

Type of license Price Obtain
Commuter Permit (CS) $260.00 + tax On line
Evening Permit (EP)

(after 4 p.m.)

$125.00 + tax On line
Red Hawk Bridge Permit*

(60 credits earned or more)

$400.00 + tax On line


Type of license Price Obtain
NJ Transit (30 credits earned or more)**

Permit/proxy card to be delivered by post. Please allow 3-5 business days.


Price includes proxy card activation

Online / Desktop
Residence permit

(90 credits earned or more)

$350.00 On line
Red Hawk Bridge Permit*

(60 credits earned or more)

$400.00 On line

Other types of permits

Type of license Price Obtain
Half-semester permit for commuter students $135.00



(Residents age 90 or older earned


On line
Motorcycle licence $100.00 Office only

*Red Hawk parking garage permits are in high demand and in limited supply. Permits are purchased on a first-come, first-served basis and will close when the limit is reached.

**Residents with less than 29 credits will not be permitted to have vehicles on campus due to limited parking spaces. You can complete an Extenuating Circumstances Exceptions Request Form starting Monday, August 1, 2020. Only medical exceptions will be considered. If you are applying for medical exceptions without a New Jersey State-issued hang tag, you should contact the Disability Resource Center with documentation to consider for other permit options.


If you have any questions, please email us at We will respond promptly to all questions.