OSU Announces POSSE Star Fund for Student-Athletes

STILL WATER – Beginning in the fall 2022 semester, Oklahoma State scholarship student-athletes will receive $5,980 annually through the POSSE STAR fund, it was announced today.

Sports director Chad Weiberg established a plan that encourages academic achievement as a means for scholarship student-athletes to receive financial reward stemming from the landmark Supreme Court decision in Alston v. NCAA.

The Alston decision granted universities the ability to provide student-athletes with additional education-related benefits, including direct financial support in the form of academic achievement awards, up to the legally established maximum of $5,980. per year.

Weiberg said Oklahoma State’s plan is for all scholarship student-athletes to receive the legally established maximum of $5,980 per year.

“Many of our student-athletes have high academic and athletic performance. The Alston decision allows us to provide additional support to reward student-athletes who are successful in the classroom,” Weiberg said. “We are fortunate and grateful to our POSSE members and donors who have taken their contributions to the next level to help provide these resources to help support our student-athletes.”

As of fall 2019, OSU has 11 different sports teams with GPAs of 3.0 or higher. In the past four semesters alone, nine different Cowboy and Cowgirl teams have set GPA program records.

The money used to fund the POSSE STAR fund will come from donations to POSSE, which exists to give Oklahoma State student-athletes the resources they need to reach their full potential, both in competition and in class. Those interested in donating to the fund can do so by visiting okstate.com/starfund or calling the POSSE office at 405-744-7301.