MSU Expands Tribal Student Services | ABC Fox Bozeman

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Montana State University is expanding its programs to support Native American and Alaska Native students and their families.

MSU is a home for many Native American and Alaska Native students, and the university is increasing its services to help make MSU comfortable for Native students.

The university had a record number of Native American and Alaska Native students with more than 800 enrollment for the fall semester.

This semester, the university opened its new American Indian Hall to students, staff, and the community to provide a place for a student of any major to learn about the legacy of their peers.

“We want people to know the culture and, we want people to learn from us, we try to bring as many different people here as possible,” said MSU Native American Student Journey Erickson.

The additional new programming is made possible by a $2.75 million grant from Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies.

MSU hopes the grant will help increase services that will strengthen cultural and academic programs on campus for all.

MSU Department of Native American Studies Director Walter Fleming said, “We will also be hosting programs such as a beading workshop and cooking lectures on native foods. We hope to help a chef come and talk about traditional foods.

Fleming said her department has targeted several areas that will be enriched, all of which will help support Indigenous student success by strengthening multigenerational and community networks.

The grant will also include an Elder-in-Residence program, a peer mentorship program that will support students and their families, and year-round cultural and academic programming.

More information about New Student Achievements and the Department of Native American Studies can be found here.