Marshall County Goes Virtual For Student Assessment Scores

MARSHALL CO W.Va. (WTRF) Marshall County is one of the schools participating in a new program to monitor student achievement.

The West Virginia Department of Education conducts student data assessment statewide. But now the paper is out and the video is in it.

Students will receive their assessment videos in the coming weeks.

Schools in Marshall County are emailing every student in Kindergarten to Grade 12, and the county has decided to release the data assessment videos through them.

Karen Klamut, director of student services, federal programs and state assessment, says this new way of distributing grades will allow students and their parents to better understand the results.

The videos are more personalized and detailed about the test they took, how they performed compared to other kids in the county and state. Then it gives parents the in-depth strengths and weaknesses of each child.

Karen Klamut, Director of Student Services, Federal Programs and State Assessment

She says she believes the evaluation of the video data will allow teachers and parents to help target these areas for this student.