Liverpool student who lost his job now earns £ 5,000 a month on OnlyFans

On the surface, Alaw Haf is a normal 24-year-old.

She obtained a 2: 1 in law from the University of Liverpool and left the university not knowing which career path to pursue.

But it wasn’t until she faced the prospect of a layoff that Alaw took her first steps towards a career development she had never imagined – OnlyFans.

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OnlyFans is a controversial topic.

The subscription platform is known for its pornographic content, although the site’s bosses have said it is not intended to be used for erotic pictures.

But Alaw, who earns £ 5,000 each month on the site, urges people to be more open-minded about his work.

In 2019, Alaw, like many college graduates, was unsure of which career path to take.

While studying at the University of Liverpool, she developed an interest in medical, criminal and human rights law.

But she struggled to visualize herself as a notary or lawyer.

After working in gyms and nightclubs, Alaw eventually found a job in retail, only to be threatened with dismissal.

Speaking to ECHO, Alaw, from Mold, said: “I had a lot of jobs; ranging from working at a gym to a nightclub, but when I started OnlyFans I had gotten graduated from college the year before and still didn’t know what to do with a career.

“When I first signed up I knew I was going to be laid off from my retail job in a few months, so I knew I wouldn’t have a reaction from the job.

“I was also doing lingerie shoots and I really enjoyed doing them but I was mainly building a portfolio so it was not a source of income.”

Alaw initially uploaded her lingerie photos to Instagram for free, but her followers encouraged her to add a paywall.

She said: “Some of my subscribers have asked why I don’t upload the images to OnlyFans and charge people to view them.

“For a while I shrugged my shoulders because I didn’t think people would pay to see them, but when I finally made one, to my surprise, people did.”

On OnlyFans, Alaw’s monthly subscribers receive exclusive content ranging from pictures to videos and private messages.

Alaw said, “I will be posting images or videos daily, mostly from photoshoots and behind the scenes. I also send a direct message to my fans and do a mass photo message every Friday and Sunday.”

She added, “I’m now a glamorous model which is riskier than lingerie modeling, but I don’t plan on doing X-rated content.

“It is important to only work at the levels that are right for you.”

Thanks to his OnlyFans content, Alaw earns £ 5,000 every month.

She said: “Income fluctuates a lot and isn’t guaranteed so you can often see it jumping up and down every month, but I’ve learned that the more effort I put in, the more I get out of it. silver.”

Alaw’s online profile has also opened up many opportunities.

She said: “I am very lucky to have received so many opportunities such as Young Welsh & Bossin ‘It TV shows, Am Dro (S4C) and so on.

“The opportunity I am most grateful for is the freedom it has given me to live, because I am not bound by a nine-to-five job.

“I was able to spend time with my family and friends, watch my goddaughter Lexie grow up and have managed to travel a bit when Covid allows.”

But while Alaw makes a lot of money and has amazing experiences, there is also a huge downside to his job.

By going online, Alaw is the subject of cruel comments and messages.

She said: “I was upset to receive so many negative comments about my appearance.

“I can now say that unfortunately I’m used to it.

“My skin has become thicker and I have learned to rise above it all, but I firmly believe that more needs to be done for the police behind.

“I’m for people who have their own opinions, but there is a line and it is crossed when someone is intentionally mean to someone else in the comments section.

“We have seen time and time again the devastating and tragic consequences that trolling can have on people’s lives, but they never learn, people will post the hashtag ‘be kind’ and the next day the trolls will start trolling again. bully online. “

Alaw added, “I know people will comment on this article even saying that the consequence of exposing myself is trolling, but it shouldn’t be.

“If we all stuck with the classic ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all’, the online world of social media would be a much safer and happier place.”

Alaw said she would like people to accept OnlyFans more, especially those who tell her to “get a good job.”

She said: “I would like people to be open-minded about Only Fans and all the other digital income really.

“It’s 2021 now, we don’t have to sit behind a nine-to-five desk to earn an income anymore.

“I often have to remind people who tell me to get a ‘real job’ that OnlyFans is a job for me, so I tell them if the HMRC account is income then it’s a job!”

She added: “I’m obviously judged for being on the site anyway, it’s always ‘She’s the one who makes OnlyFans’ and ‘Doesn’t she have OnlyFans?’, So I’d rather have the people don’t see it just as a representation of my whole self and just as a source of income for me.

“Fortunately, I think it’s more accepted now since the wave of creators joining during the lockdown – not that I want this to be completely normalized to the point that 18-year-olds are finishing school and thinking that they’ll just join OnlyFans as it’s an easy option.

“I can tell you now that it’s not that easy. It also has a lot of repercussions on future career paths too, I know it would be very difficult for me to have a professional career after that but it’s something that I agreed to before signing up. “

With Alaw’s profile as a growing influencer, she now plans to expand her sources of income, including a business in the real estate market.

She said: “I know OnlyFans won’t be a long term career prospect, I’m not stupid.

“I am hoping to enter the property, I was hoping I had already done so but the pandemic has disrupted those plans for now.

“For the foreseeable future, yes, I’ll still be on Only Fans. Maybe another year or two.”

OnlyFans users must be 18 years of age or older. You can follow Alaw on Instagram here.

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