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February 18, 2022

Join Montclair State Lymphomy Nation and show your support!

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Did you know that lymphoma is one of the leading cancers in young adults, but can easily go unnoticed as symptoms resemble those of the common flu? Well, a team of students in Montclair State has launched a digital campaign, Let’s Talk Lymphoma, to help educate and raise awareness about the most common blood cancer as well as self-diagnosis.

How can I get involved?

We invite the Montclair State Red Hawk community to join our efforts – it’s easy and fun:

  1. Dance4Lymphoma – Let’s see those Tik Tok moves by recreating and sharing our Montclair Dance Company’s choreographed dance that creatively informs self-diagnosis through key areas of swollen lymph nodes. To visit @MSUlymphomies on TikTok and Instagram. Be sure to tag us, hashtag #Dance4Lymphoma and share!
  2. Join Montclair State Lymphomy Nation by visiting msulymphomies.org and showing your support for the campaign!

Your entry will not only help support a great cause, but may also help Montclair State University win the 2022 Bateman National Case Study Competition – a highly regarded entity designed for public relations students to develop creative and impactful communication campaigns.

This year’s client is the Lymphoma Research Foundation – the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to funding lymphoma research and supporting the lymphoma community through evidence-based education. , support services and resources.