International Student Services at York University

York International will provide you with support during your studies at York University.

York University offers a variety of resources to help international students achieve their academic and professional goals. Under the Student Division, the home of various student support services at York University, York International (YI) offers invaluable programs and services to international students. In this article, you will discover the many resources and services that YI offers to international students.

Arrival at York University

It is an exciting experience of study in a new country, and York University will help make this transition as smooth as possible. YI offers a variety of programs to get you comfortable before school starts; such as Summer Readiness Webinars, International Student Orientation, and Get to Know YorkU.

York University is here to support you. Learn more about the online support resources available in our “York University Online Support for International Students” article on

Health care and well-being

York University is proud to offer its international students a University Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). RAMU is a mandatory basic coverage scheme that helps students cover health-related expenses. Additionally, York University has a walk-in clinic on campus which gives you access to medical care a few steps from your lessons.

York University also offers stress management and mental health support services for international students. There are a variety of services and resources, such as Student Counseling & Development and York University’s Psychology Clinic, that can support your overall academic and personal success.

Immigration Support

We recognize that the immigration process can sometimes seem complex. YI has prepared resources and video tutorials to help make immigration related processes much easier for our students. Visit our immigration overview to learn more.

remember that your immigration status is unique to you. Therefore, it is best to consult the Immigration Specialist at York International or IRCC at 1-888-242-2100 for immigration applications.

Financing your studies

YI has created tools to help you budget for your education. Depending on the cost of tuition for your program and your living arrangements, overall expenses may vary from student to student. To support these costs, York University offers scholarships, bursaries, and awards specifically for international students. This funding can help you offset the costs of your studies and may be obtained based on financial need or particular merit. Learn more via the article “International Scholarships at York University” on for more information on scholarships, fellowships and awards.

In addition to scholarships, grants, and awards, study permit holders may be eligible to work on or off campus. This is a great opportunity for international students to finance their studies and other expenses that come with living away from home.

Support for international students

York University offers programs to help international students adapt to life in Canada. For example, the YI Global Peer Program is a great way to connect with graduate students which will provide support and information on student life at York University.

YI also offers international student counseling, where counselors can help you with immigration questions; such as study permits and permanent residency.

These resources and services for international students are available in addition to all the support and guidance offered to all York University students. York University and York International are proud to support international student success.

To learn more about our programs and admission requirements, visit our Prospective Students website. If you have any questions or want to know more about these services, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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