Indian student nearly missed with Garda vehicle in North Leitrim

An Indian who is currently studying privately in Dublin nearly fell into a marked guard car at a roundabout.
Mayur Reddy, 133 Merridian Court, Royal Canal Park, Dublin 15 pleaded guilty to not having insurance, driving without a driving licence, not producing insurance and not producing a license in Station Road, Manorhamilton July 31 of last year.
Sergeant Gerry Curley told the court the gardai were on patrol in a garda vehicle at 12.35pm when the car being driven by the accused failed to stop at the roundabout, almost colliding with the car of patrol.
Speaking to the defendant at the scene, Mr Reddy explained that he had lived in Ireland for two years and had an Indian license and an international driving licence.
Mr. Reddy was asked to produce documents within 10 days at a guardhouse, but he failed to do so. He also received a fixed penalty notice for driving without care or attention, but Sgt Curley said it was paid.
Defense attorney John Anderson explained that his client had a graduate student visa. He was traveling with two housemates in Donegal in a hire car on the date in question when the insured driver became tired and he chose to take over instead.
“Mr. Reddy thought he was covered by insurance, but he wasn’t,” Mr. Anderson admitted.
“I also explained that he must have a valid license,” he added.
“He thought he had insurance. I ask you not to disqualify him, because he hopes to find a job in finance when he finishes his studies. »
Judge Sandra Murphy expressed concern that Mr Reddy had been ‘here for two years and did not have a valid licence’, to which Mr Reddy said he was looking to take his test. learning.
“You are a smart man, you understand you shouldn’t be driving,” Judge Murphy said.
Mr. Reddy took the opportunity to present his international driving license to Sergeant Curley in court.
Judge Murphy said that in the circumstances she would convict and fine Mr Reddy €250 for lack of insurance but would not impose a disqualification ‘as he honestly believed he was insured and held a license to drive internationally”. She convicted and fined him €150 for not having a valid license and considered the remaining charges.