FRCS Introduces Student Services on TPOS – FBC News

The fiji Revenue and Customs Service has set up a student loan service on its website.

Managing Director Mark Dixon says the online service for taxpayers coincides with the partnership signed yesterday between FRCS and Tertiary Grants and Lending Services.

He says it was done as a way to monitor student debt collection.

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Dixon says students will now be able to manage their loan or scholarship affairs.

“What we’re trying to do is a service-oriented organization, it’s to make life easier. Focusing on the customer, and in this case the customer is the students and enabling them to process, monitor and repay these loans in the easiest way possible. They can do it from their home or from their new place of work.

Dixon says the partnership between the two organizations will improve information sharing, which will facilitate better service delivery.

Through the online student service, students will be able to access their loan statements, send employment notifications, calculate eligibility for accelerated repayment incentives, and assign tax agents to perform tasks on their behalf.

Additionally, students and guarantors can make refunds and apply for temporary and permanent release to travel abroad.

To access online student services, students must log in to TPOS, accessible through the FRCS website