Four Colorado Lawmakers Win 2022 Child Safety Network™ Safe Student Protection Awards

DENVER, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the Child Safety Network™ (“CSN”), America’s leading child and youth safety organization for more than 30 years, publicly announced the winners of the 2022 Colorado Student Protection Award. The awards were presented last Thursday at the Colorado Association of School Boards Winter Legislative Conference.

Participants representing school districts across Colorado listened like Key Cheri CASB’s Executive Director said: “On behalf of the Colorado School Boards Association, I would like to congratulate the Senate Education Chairman Rachel Zenzingerhome education chair, Barbara McLachlansenator Don CoramRepresenting Marc Catlin and the Child Safety Network for collaborating with CASB members in an effort that can make our schools and students safer and more secure.”

According to Ward LeberFounding President of the CSN: “We designate the winners of this year’s honor by from colorado own “The Fantastic Four.That’s exactly how we see these four proven champions for children. Given this is an election year, voters are all watching carefully which lawmakers are fighting for ‘priorities’ that align with theirs. If you have children at school or at home, Don Coram, Rachel Zenzinger, Barbara McLachlin, Marc Catlinand all lawmakers who vote with them on the student safety protection program are fighting for the lives of your children.”

Both Republicans and both Democrats have joined forces with dozens of the nation’s top experts in school safety, security, school bus safety and campus safety. They have spent the past three years collaborating with from colorado school districts, student transportation officials, first responders and parents to create the most comprehensive school safety legislation ever introduced in this area, or in any state in the United States CSN

The spokespersons added that “it is essential that every registered voter learn what is included in SB22-085 by watching this video. Although this bill is only pennies in your taxes, it is designed to be followed by millions of dollars from corporate sponsors to extend and extend the life of the program, making it one of the most profitable and significant bills ever introduced.

Voted Transportation Manager of the Year 2019 (National) from colorado own Greg Jackson which manages 400 school buses for Jefferson County said: “I believe we have the best chance of our lives to make a generational investment. This bill is our chance to take the biggest step forward in how we protect our students in school and on the way to school.”

After fighting for the past three years to bring these benefits to her constituents, the co-sponsor of the First Senate Rachel Zenzinger(Senate Education Chair) said, “This bill is one of the best chances we’ve seen in decades to have a lasting impact on the safety of our state’s students; because our children are invaluable and irreplaceable, their protection is essential for the future of Colorado.”

Listen to all the testimonials provided at state of colorado in favor of the student safety protection program

Save the The Fantastic Four are 26 of the nation’s top school bus, school site, parent and child safety experts who all volunteer their time to the Child Safety Network for the benefit Colorado under SB22-085.

Protect from colorado students and provide from colorado parents with the most effective and highest quality free parenting technology and resources, the following experts testified about February 15and to the first Senate committee to consider the adoption of SB22-085: Founder of the CSN Ward Leber. Overseeing parent and school engagement is the 53rd National Chairman of the PTA and member of the White House Communications Team under Presidents Bush and Obama, Otha Thornton, Jr. To manage the school site and school bus security and first responder coordination aspect of the bill is former Deputy Director of the United States Secret Service, Tony Chapa. William “Bill” Arrington, former National Surface Transportation Security Officer for the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA, oversees training to prevent attacks on our school buses. Managing the transparent use of funds provided by the State is Richard D. PerryMBA the former Property Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy Facilities Audit through United States to include Rocky flats Colorado. Overseeing and implementing the reduction of approximately 500,000 illegal “runners” from school bus stops is the detective Daniel Spery whose law enforcement career and training began in Colorado. Dan is a school resource officer who lost his 11-year-old daughter, Makayla, to death in his arms after a motorist failed to stop for his school bus.

Reduce from colorado 360 (average) school bus accidents per year is Jeff Cassellwho has personally managed the safety and security of 2 million students for over 22 years, and who has developed CSN-approved training that is now used in over 3,000 school districts with an average reduction in accidents and injuries of more than 50 %.

To assist with technology used in connection with SB22-085 on school buses and consult on ending the shortage of school bus drivers is Greg Jacksontransport manager for Jefferson County, Coloradoand the 2020 National School Bus Transportation Director. Also testifying in support of SB22-085 is David Hartzelcurrent president of the Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association and director of transposition at colorado springs who will provide oversight to help end the school bus driver shortage and coordinate with transportation professionals statewide. For the 100 safety and parenting training topics available free to all Coloradans under the bill, 14 of the nation’s top parenting experts for all ages, including Stephan Tako who have created the most effective, award-winning anti-bullying programs in the United States To manage the grant process for school districts applying for funds from SB22-085 is CSN’s own president Stephanie Duckworth; a Native American grant-writing expert, former professor at both Princeton and Rutgers and the woman who coordinated the exact same tasks required by this law for over 600 school districts simultaneously.

To ensure that the user experience is simple and useful while using the Safe Student app, Frank Tyneski will lead the design and development of the user interface and user experience building on his previous experience in global design for Motorola, Blackberry, Dell, as well as systems solutions for police, fire and the military, and led oversight of brands such as Ingenuity, Baby Einstein, Bright Starts, Disney Baby, Sesame Street, Ford and John Deere. To ensure the biggest celebrities work with Colorado on this program and ensure the entertainment quality of the application experience for from colorado parents is the icon of the music industry, Michael Lloyd. Lloyd, who has produced over 100 gold and platinum albums, has also helped CSN by connecting top celebrities who are proud to help CSN prevent abuse, kidnapping, jury duty, exploitation and child sex trafficking.

About CSN: Since 1989, CSN has worked diligently to reduce the likelihood of children being victims of abuse, kidnapping, injury and exploitation (see We are a 100% voluntary organization (see our leadership team: who has never received a dime from taxpayers while helping parents raise safer and healthier children. CSN’s rescue work includes CSN Safe Bus™ NATIONAL SCHOOL BUS SAFETY MONTH, Green Clean Schools which works to eliminate toxic chemicals from our schools, CSN Safe Ride to make school buses safer and provide new technologies for public safety, programs to work with tribal councils to reduce the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. All of the groundbreaking programs and campaigns developed by CSN over the decades are made possible by companies that care about children. To become a corporate sponsor of our work or discuss a campaign that will contribute to the health, safety and education of infants up to 12 years oldand graders, please contact us at or call 800-906-6901 ext 10. Nosotras Español.

Lawmakers who wish to introduce student protection programs safely in their state can contact the CSN President directly at

Special thanks

National PTA, Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, Colorado Department of Education, PTO, Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association. Colorado Association of School Boards, School Sweating News, and all of the school districts, educators, first responders, and parents who helped us design this program for the secure future of all Colorado residents.


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