Congress condemns detention of MP Jaggareddy for meeting with arrested student leaders

Hyderabad: A political row erupted after the administration of Osmania University refused to allow former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to address residents on campus. According to reports, the university has not communicated its decision in writing, but the university’s executive council has made it clear that the congressional leader is not allowed to visit campus on May 7 for the holiday.

Angered by the university’s decision, the Telangana Congress alleged that the Vice Chancellor was working at the behest of the state government led by Telangana Rashtra Samithi. MLA Jagga Reddy and V Hanumantha Rao met with the Vice Chancellor and asked his permission for Rahul’s visit to the OU campus.

Meanwhile, OU student leaders attempted to storm ministers’ quarters on Sunday. NSUI State Chairman Balmuri Venkat led the protest outside the Vice Chancellor’s (VC) chamber. As the leader of JAC for OU unemployed youth, K Manavata Rai and other leaders like Chenagani Dayakar and Lokesh Yadav and party workers stormed the minister’s quarters in Banjara Hills to register their protest against the university’s refusal of the congressional leader’s campus visit.

The situation took a serious turn when the police arrested the student leaders and activists and arrested MP Jagga Reddy on his way to meet the arrested student leaders at the police station. Enraged by the attitude of the police, Congress leaders decided to meet with VC again on Monday to seek his permission for Rahul Gandhi’s program on campus.

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The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) reacted strongly to Osmania University’s decision while accusing university officials of only working to please their masters in the ruling TRS party. They said that the university administration turned a blind eye to TRS party programs on campus and when other parties decided to come to the university, they refused to grant permission.

“It is excruciating to detain Congressman Jagga Reddy who came out of his home to visit NSUI student leaders detained for protesting the university’s refusal. I don’t understand if we live in a democracy or a dictatorship,” TPCC leader Revanth Reddy said while condemning the arrest of a congressional lawmaker.

The Telangana Congress leader ordered party leaders and cadres to burn the effigy of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao across the state on Monday to protest the arrests of Balmuri Venkat and other leaders.

The opposition party has decided that a Congress delegation led by MP Jagga Reddy will visit Osmania Varsity again on Monday to seek permission for Rahul Gandhi’s next visit. The delegation will include three deputies, six deputies and an MLC. The party said it would announce its future protest strategy if OU officials did not reverse their decision.

After his release from Banjara Hills police station, MP Jaggareddy told the media that “TRS leaders became Chief Ministers, Ministers and MPs because of Osmania students who sacrificed their lives to demand a separate state. for Telangana”.