College of the Desert Expands Student Services at Coachella

“Access to services and education is part of our mission at College of the Desert,” said Dr. Jessica Enders, Acting Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at the College of the Desert. “We want to make sure that we provide easily accessible services to students across the valley, regardless of their location. ”

College of the Desert is still expanding its services to students across the valley.

“Usually Phase 1 is in Palm Desert and it’s a long way off,” said Amy Medina, Coachella resident and future College of the Desert student. “There are a lot of students here who don’t have incredible transportation and sometimes it can be far away.”

Many students travel more than half an hour to get to the main Palm Desert campus, but now the campus will be a little closer to home.

The Desert College Board of Trustees on Thursday unanimously approved a five-year lease for office space at Pueblo Viejo Villas, opening a new student service center at the location of Cesar Chavez and Sixth Streets at Coachella.

“We are expanding the possibilities for access,” said Dr Enders. “We want to make sure that students have easily accessible services so that if they are impacted by transportation or a limited schedule… we meet their needs where they are. “

The Desert College previously extended educational resources to students who reside in the area, and this new extension will provide additional services.

“We have started offering services to the Coachella Library,” said Dr. Enders. “Since we already have these classes in the field, we wanted to make sure they had access to tutoring, workshops, counselors, (and) financial assistance. The Adult School is right across from the Library, so we see it as creating a bridge between the Adult School and credit courses at College of the Desert.

As COD expands to Coachella, questions arise about the planned Palm Springs campus which has been under construction for years.

“We are not yet under construction. We have the property that is vested and we are still in the planning stages, ”said Dr Enders. “We actually have our temporary Palm Springs campus which is open and available for services. Students can come now and get the support they need in Palm Springs. ‘”

As of now, the College of the Desert Palm Springs campus is expected to be completed in 2025, and the student services center at Coachella in the spring of 2022.

“It’s our desire to expand services across the valley and we’re already at the Coachella site, so it’s an opportunity to quickly make an impact and provide these services,” said Dr Enders. “We want to bring College of the Desert to the students.”