Charles Broughton Named New Director of Student Services at DCPS | News

Charles Broughton was appointed director of student services for Daviess County Public Schools, following the departure of Damon Fleming, who accepted a position as Assistant Superintendent of Hopkins County Public Schools.

Broughton was formerly Principal of High Schools at DCPS. Prior to being appointed to this position in 2016, he was Principal of Apollo High School.

Broughton began his career in 1997 as a teacher at Daviess County High School. He was also deputy principal of Hancock High School before returning to the district in 2010.

He is excited about the new opportunities and challenges that will arise from this position.

“This role provides the opportunity to have a positive impact on K-12 students,” he said. “It gives a longer reach, and again hopefully a positive impact on the whole district. “

A director of student services is “another side of education” that Broughton said he was eager to discover. It is also essential work that helps schools do what they are fundamentally there to do, he said.

“This is to provide the best possible education for students in Daviess County public schools,” he said, adding that the director of student services does a lot of things that many are not aware of, but it ‘is an essential role of the educational process’ so that teaching and learning can continue.

It was this aspect that drew him to the job, he said, because “it is very, very critical in providing the best opportunities for children.”

Broughton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Education, with a specialization in Educational Administration, and Rank I certification, all from Western Kentucky University. He also has a Superintendent’s Certification from the University of the Cumberlands.

Broughton’s primary responsibilities will be to coordinate district compliance with school enrollment and attendance, and to serve as the custodian of all student data and records. He will also coordinate and manage the electronic student information system and work with principals, teachers and parents / guardians in response to attendance and social / behavioral concerns, according to DCPS.

DCPS Superintendent Matt Robbins said there were several strong candidates for the job and Broughton’s background and experience was “an exceptional fit for this role.”

“Charley has demonstrated high levels of success and achievement throughout his career and will bring the same commitment to excellence to this key position,” said Robbins.