CCPS to distribute i-Ready student assessment reports this week, hosting virtual assessment night for parents

Charles County Public Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) are distributing individual reports this week to students who took the i-Ready program assessments earlier this fall. The reports will be sent home with the students this week starting Wednesday December 1st.

The students who have taken the i-Ready assessments are as follows.

  • Students in grades 1-8 took part in a reading and math assessment.
  • High school students enrolled in Algebra I this year have completed the math assessment.
  • High school students taking AI in English this year have completed the reading assessment.

No other student will receive i-Ready data reports this week. CCPS implemented i-Ready, a new diagnostic assessment program, this school year.

CCPS is hosting a virtual meeting at 6 p.m. on December 7 via Zoom for Parents on i-Ready Reports. During the meeting, CCPS Accountability Office staff will discuss the reports with parents and share information on how to understand and review their child’s data. Pre-meeting registration is required and all attendees must have an active Zoom account to participate. Click here to register for the meeting.

The program offers adaptive assessments that rely on student responses to provide teachers with data to better support their students. The first diagnoses made by students this fall provide detailed results for each student. Teachers use the data to identify student strengths and weaknesses, and plan instruction to support growth and target areas for improvement.

The initial assessment is not designed to provide a grade or score for a student. The structure of the questions adapts to the students’ answers. For example, if a student answers several questions in a row correctly, the program will adapt and provide students with more difficult questions. If a student answers multiple questions in a row incorrectly, the program will adjust and provide slightly easier questions.

Teachers will continue to use i-Ready to track student progress throughout the school year. Students will complete additional diagnostic assessments using i-Ready during an assessment period from January 3 to February 11.

Elementary-level literacy and math resources for parents are posted on the CCPS website at

High school educational resources for parents and students are posted on the CCPS website at

An additional video resource for parents on i-Ready is Posted online here.