CAA schools will provide financial benefits to student-athletes

The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) is taking steps to ensure its members provide more support to its men’s and women’s basketball programs.

The CAA has announced that all of its men’s and women’s basketball student-athletes at member institutions will receive education-based benefits no later than the 2023-24 season. That includes Hampton University and North Carolina State A&T — two of four new members who joined the league on July 1.

The conference cited the landmark 2021 “NCAA v. Alston” case that also opened the door for NIL last summer. The judgment in Alston allows each institution to provide its student-athletes with up to an additional $5,980 in direct financial support when they successfully meet certain academic criteria established by the institution.

Hampton University has fully transitioned to CAA.

The CAA Board of Directors voted to allow each institution to establish its own criteria and programs by which its male and female basketball student-athletes would have the opportunity to earn Alston-related benefits. Each institution has also been granted the ability to provide Alston-related benefits to student-athletes from other sports at its own discretion.

“The decision of the CAA Board of Directors to provide benefits to Alston demonstrates the Conference’s continued commitment to supporting its student-athletes who achieve certain criteria in challenging academic environments,” said the CAA Commissioner, Joe D’Antonio. “This is another important step in the Conference’s commitment to creating competitive and successful programs in men’s and women’s basketball.”

Both North Carolina A&T and Hampton joined the league as full members after stints in the Deep South. Earlier this year, Alabama State announced it would also provide academic incentive-based aid. His program begins this fall.

CAA schools will provide financial benefits to basketball students