Bombay Hc allows US-born student to appear for Neet-pg | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court has come to the aid of a girl, Bansari Mandi, who was born in the United States to Indian parents, by allowing her to sit the NEET-PG and INI entrance exams to be held next month. The HC also ordered the central government to take a decision on Mandi’s citizenship application in four weeks.
After passing the order, a bench of Justices Revati Mohite Dere and Madhav Jamdar issued a motion seeking judicial intervention on June 17, where she claimed her application for Indian citizenship, filed in 2016, was misplaced after it was submitted. . She had to file it again last year and it is pending. However, the post-graduation NEET exam is scheduled for May and, under a notification from the centers, she is excluded on the grounds that since she is an OCI card holder, she will be treated as a foreign citizen.
Mandi said she was registered as an OCI after the concept of “dual citizenship” was introduced in India, as she is a US citizen by virtue of being born there. The Center’s attorney, RV Govilkar, said her petition was inadmissible because she was seeking rights that were not available to her because she was a US citizen.
Lead attorney Vineet Naik, who was appearing for her, argued that her citizenship application had been pending since 2016 and the only reason to move the court was for the exam. He said: “Articles 14 and 21 apply to everyone and not just citizens.”