ASUCI Student Services Vice President Debate Begins 2022 Special Election | new university

ASUCI conducted the Vice President of Student Services Special Election Debate via Zoom on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.

Earlier, the new university reported the resignation of Joshua Ma, vice president of student services at ASUCI, a fourth-year double major in political science and China studies, prompting a special election.

The two candidates, fourth-year business and economics student Alliana Alcid and third-year criminology and political science student David Baek declared their candidacy for the position through the ASUCI application process. . Their declarations and campaign promises can be found here.

The debate was organized and moderated by ASUCI Elections Commissioner Brandon Huynh.

Alcid currently serves as the Acting Vice President of Student Services and has been involved with ASUCI for two years, previously serving as the Student Services Staff Manager and Intern for what was previously known as Student Talent Commission – now Student Talent & Community Outreach Commission.

Baek has never held a position with ASUCI, but has served as an events coordinator for the pre-law fraternity for the past three terms.

Topics covered in the debates included pandemic-related issues such as the transition to in-person events, how to involve the student body more in events organized by the Student Services Commission, and how to better serve the interests of students. Concerns about the pandemic and related restrictions underlined much of the discourse in this debate, with both candidates directly discussing restrictions and safety precautions in their opening statements.

Alcid offered a more conservative assessment of these transitions, favoring a slow and cautious return to normalcy, while Baek argued for transitioning to in-person events as quickly as possible based on safety guidelines and student concerns.

“The Office of Student Services has worked hard to do what is within our scope to try to provide what we all deserve in terms of event programming,” Alcid said in his opening statement.

Much of Baek’s platform rests on the argument that in-person activities are a key part of the college experience and that it is important to allow students access to these experiences as soon as they are sure, while Alcid focused much more on going back to college. events on campus in progressive stages.

“It was also a big disappointment for a lot of people, especially for the freshmen and sophomores who haven’t been able to experience anything yet, and also for the seniors who are in their final year,” Baek said.

In addition to fighting the pandemic, the candidates also offered some of their ideas for encouraging greater involvement in ASUCI events within the campus community.

Baek suggested “UCI Olympics” that incorporate cultural clubs and Greek life to involve a wide range of students in one event, advocating for the inclusion of a wider range of students.

“We can participate in athletic competitions, maybe also other types of competitions like an eating contest, obviously once COVID-19 is dead. Something that people from everywhere, not just certain niches at the UCI, but different cultural clubs on campus, can send their people to and it could bring the community together to have a single event or a series of events,” Baek said.

Alcid discussed a “UCI Fashion Show,” a concept already in the works at ASUCI that would bring together students from multiple disciplines.

“Videographers, photographers, people who want to do business in fashion, designers or artists in general like me, because I have often considered going into the industry [could participate]. I think it’s really important that people can have that kind of platform to show what they can do. People who want to express themselves in a different way,” Alcid said of the UCI fashion show concept.

Both candidates agreed that future efforts by the ASUCI Student Services Commission should do more to attract a wider variety of students to their events and activities.

Alcid received the endorsement from the UCI College Democrats on February 4. Baek has yet to receive approval.

Voting for ASUCI’s special election of a new Student Services Commission Vice Chair opens Monday, February 14 at 9 a.m. and ends February 16 at 5 p.m.

All UCI students will be able to vote by following this link. Any questions regarding this special election should be directed to

Quinn Tubiolo is a Campus News intern for the Winter 2022 term. He can be reached at