Academic and student services | NSCC

Academic Accommodations Policy
This policy establishes the College’s goal of providing equal educational opportunities, full student participation in the learning environment, and equitable access to programs and services.

Academic Integrity Policy
Describes the principles that support academic integrity, expectations of conduct related to academic integrity, and sanctions for academic misconduct.

Academic Performance Policy
Provides guidelines for course delivery within NSCC programs and clear expectations for academic achievement.

Academic probation policy
This policy outlines the student’s academic performance standards as well as the consequences of failing to meet these standards.

Admission policy
This policy establishes consistent standards and processes to support equitable access and the College’s learning-centered approach to education.

Campus Housing Community Standards Policy
Sets community standards (or rules) that govern expectations and requirements for behavior in campus accommodations and surrounding College property.

Academic Degree Policy
This policy outlines the level and duration of each of the degrees awarded by which learning is officially recognized.

Student Information Privacy Policy
This policy details the college’s commitment and responsibilities with respect to the privacy of student information.

Education Equity Policy
This policy addresses historical and current injustices and resultant inequities that create systemic barriers for students from equity-seeking groups in access to college, a positive learning environment, and the achieving fair results.

Assessment Policy
This policy details the methods of assessing student learning outcomes necessary for successful completion of all College programs and credit courses.

Classification Policy
This policy is designed to ensure that students can expect assessment and grading practices that are valid and accurate, transparent and timely, and reflect the academic standards of the College.

Intellectual Property Policy
This policy is intended to provide a supportive framework for the development of intellectual property that supports and recognizes the mutually beneficial interests of students, employees, Nova Scotia Community College and the external community.

Library Borrowing Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure equitable and efficient access to library resources.

Library Collection Development Policy
This policy establishes priorities for the selection and removal of resources from the Library’s collection.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Policy
This policy aims to ensure equitable access to high-quality, cost-effective, and inclusive learning resources to support student success and to promote innovation in teaching and learning.

Scroll Policy
This policy governs the NSCC scroll, including credential grant scrolls, the allocation and distribution of scrolls, and the defining characteristics of NSCC scrolls.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Policy
This policy establishes clear guidelines on how university credits can be requested and awarded through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Program Progression Policy
The Program Progression Policy sets out the College’s approach to program delivery and student progression throughout their learning.

Research Ethics Board Policy
The purpose of this REB policy is to comply with the requirements of the Expert Panel on Research Ethics (GER), under the aegis of the Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research, to ensure that all research are conducted in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethics of Research Involving Humans, 2nd Edition (TCPS2)

Research Integrity Policy
This policy outlines standards for responsible research conduct to ensure that all research activities and undertakings are seen to be rigorous, honest and of the highest possible standard.

Sexual Violence Policy
This policy helps to foster an environment in which all members of the College community are safe, secure and free from any form of sexual violence.

Student Appeal Policy
The Student Appeals Policy brings definition and clarity to the appeals process for NSCC students and staff.

Student scholarship policy
The NSCC Scholarship Policy reflects and represents the College’s commitment to helping students pursue their education by providing financial support to reduce barriers to education.

Student Code of Conduct Policy
The Student Code of Conduct sets out the rules and requirements for student behavior on campus and, in certain circumstances, off campus. It also creates a framework for the application of these rules and requirements.

Policy for the use of copyrighted material
This policy outlines the responsibilities of the College, employees and students with respect to compliance with copyright laws.

Work-integrated learning policy
This policy provides the framework to support and integrate work-integrated learning into the curriculum; outlines roles and responsibilities; and refers to the procedures that guide placements, insurance requirements, and risk management for work-integrated learning.